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  1. LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    Hey guys! So my question is about a Carb to FI swap on a 1984 El Camino v6 OBD set up. Donor car I have is 1996 Caprice. I am in the final stages, already acquired all the parts I believe I need for a successful LT1 swap for my Elky. I bought a new fuel tank, one for a 1985-87 EFI, I have yet...
  2. Transmission & Drive line
    Well i have a 1993 700r4 with a fricken 5 prong connector. From my research i have found that lock up kits are only sold with the square 4 prong. Im not fully understanding how a lock up works, but from my understanding its basically a 5 gear/overdrive for the highway. Better fuel economy and a...
  3. LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    haven't got to try it yet.. its called,, scan9495. :borgsmile: http://ls1tech.com/forums/pcm-diagnostics-tuning/1647231-free-scanner-app-94-95-lt1s-scan9495.html http://www.camaroz28.com/forums/computer-diagnostics-tuning-36/scan9495-free-obd1-scan-app-94-95-lt1-874306/...
  4. LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    I was looking at either these http://www.summitracing.com/parts/PTE-H8056/ or these http://www.summitracing.com/parts/PTE-H8021/ the only difference I see is the port shape (round or oval). I was wondering which is best for the LT1 exhaust ports? Thanks krok
  5. Transmission & Drive line
    So, now I am somewhat confused. I understand the general workings of a rearend, but I have never been inside one myself. I have never heard reference to "2 series" and "3 series" before. Does this reference the approximate break between the 2._ _ ratios and the 3._ _ ratios, as they came from...
  6. LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    I thought I had read somewhere that people were using the power steering lines from their LT1 on their Elky Transplant. I have a 1995 TA LT1 and the lines look like they might reach, but I am not sure how to keep them away from the serpentine belt setup. Could someone clue me in to what they...
1-6 of 6 Results