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  1. General BS Topics
    just getting a feeler out there but i was curious as to how much my show car is roughly worth. It was given to me by my dad for my 16th birthday and i cant afford to run it anymore. id like to know how much its worth so i can sell it, here is the information about the car that i was given to by...
  2. Document your restorations and modifications
    After 2 years of being a member, finally found time and inspiration to start my post! first of all let my introduce: I´m Juan ,mechanical enginner from Bogota ,Colombia, running a small speed shop for the last 20 years, my work is focused in engine building, custom turbo set ups, and tunning...
  3. Wanted Items
    Hello all, I am converting to a non a/c car due to a 500 c.i. Cadillac motor i installed.I need the center distribution duct under the dash for a non a/c car as well as the floor outlet and glove box.Any help is appreciated. 1-810-325-9537 [email protected]
  4. Body Restoration
    Hey guys, first post here, so be patient with me. Just bought a '82 Camino, hood's a little rusted. I'm planning to put a carbon hood on it, does anybody know what other Chevy models are compatible? I know Malibu, since it's the same chasis, but anything else? Oh, and what about compatible...
1-4 of 5 Results