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  1. Body Restoration
    Hi all, I am missing a part of my el Camino! Unfortunately I have not a clue what this piece is called and I have no idea where to get it from. It is a medium sized trim piece or support located under/behind the headlight mounted on the radiator support. I have spent hours on the internet trying...
  2. Audio
    So i am getting a cb radio for my 79 El Camino Conquista but dont know what to do for whips/antennas. I have no normal radio antenna on the front fender area so i couldnt rig something up from that. So I originally wanted to put two 4 foot whips on but the only place i could think of to mount...
  3. Interior Restoration
    I am trying to find new mounts and swivel frames for my swivel buckets when I replace my floor pans. I am not having much luck finding them online. Any ideas?
  4. Body Restoration
    Well, finally ready to tackle some rust issues over winter. Interior and carpet are out, including the smugglers box, which is where I found quite the problem. The floors were in decent shape but both corners of the box area are completely rotted out. Under the box the rot has taken the two body...
1-4 of 4 Results