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  1. Just joined from South Texas

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    Howdy! From South Texas, i have an '85 Caballero that i bought used and am in love with. It needs a bit of love which will come with time and money. Looking forward to meeting all of you guys.
  2. New member in Dallas, TX area

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    Hi everyone, I'm Mike, and I have an '84 El Camino, which I purchased from my father in 2007. Later that year I replaced the factory 305 with a Chevrolet Performance 350 HO. Being young and excited with my newfound horsepower, I didn't break the engine in correctly, and it developed a knock. I...
  3. New member in south Florida

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    I've had my 1971 daily driver almost a year. So far replaced 350 engine(too many oil leaks to count) and added Vintage air. Learning how to drive all over again. Spoiled on new cars improved handling. It's in primer now after sanding down to bare metal(7 coats of paint) and repairing rust and...
  4. New member, 64 el camino, Dallas

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    Hello Everybody, I got my first classic a few weeks ago. A pretty 64 El Camino. It is in the shop now having a few things done (seat belts, windshield wipers, horn) so I can get it inspected and registered. I look forward to learning a lot from everyone here.
  5. New Guy from Alabama

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    It seems I came to the right place to get help on my 1982 EC. It is a project car I recently bought. It is a V6 car that may get a bigger motor later in its life, right now I am enjoying the gas mileage it gets. It doesn't need much in the way under the hood or suspension, the PO did a good job...
  6. New here with new Camino 1980

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    Hi There, I just bought a Camino two weeks ago and am discovering many things. First: I like it! Second: Lot of things to do... Third: Nice to see these old cars are enjoyed by many people! Greetings From Holland ;-) Geoff!
  7. New member.

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    Hi. My name is Tim, I'm 23 and I've had my El Camino for about 5 years. She's an '81 base model 3 speed standard. The body is in near mint condition with a white almost pearl like paint job and the interior is maroon. The only parts that need replacing at a few interior items, but even then it...
  8. New member, sbc guy

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    Hello to the membership. I'm an older guy, enjoying semi-retirement in Indianapolis and finally having the time (and a little bit of cash flow) to finally relive the youth that was lost to Vietnam. Part of that yearning for yesterday is memories of early '60's sbc's. So, I have a '56 265...
  9. New to Forum! Searching for 1st El Camino!

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    Thanks to DONE DEAL DONNY who invited me to El Camino Central! I'm looking for my first El Camino in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Any pointers? Hoping to find an Elco that is decent enough to be daily driver as I add my own identity to it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Help

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    Where can I go to learn how to navigate the site, look at responses to threads, check comments on my questions, things of that nature just bought a 67 and still haven't tagged or insured it yet, I have questions about absolutely everything
  11. new guy

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    hey everybody. just joined acouple days ago . finally got an elky .a 79 with a 355 ,edelbroc 4v and intake th350 with a shift kit blah blah blah i've been a mech all my life but i,m now disabled. need lots of parts it will never be ashow car so driver quality is fine i live on the treasure...
  12. Hello! new from Ohio!

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    Hello all! i'm 16 and my first car was my '79 El Camino, still not moving or running at this point. but i wanted to have a project and i got that for sure! :) it's solid but it's rough. anyone who owns or has owned a project car knows exactly what i mean lol. but now for the details on my Elco...
  13. New Member :)

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    Hey im Nicole and i drive a 1979 El Camino, which is my child :) Im new to this site and just wanted to say hello! Im almost 19 and ive had my truck since i was about 17. Me and my dad restored her :) :yell:
  14. New elky owner! :)

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    So i just got this '68 Elky from my brother, he never got the chance to do anything to it so decided to pass it down to me. Don't really know much of classic cars or cars to be exact, but i was always fascinated by classic cars. My brother told me it has a 350 engine and hasn't ran for over 2...
  15. (Toxic) Terminator finally joins ECC

    Region 13 (TX)
    Larry and Janet say hello to all ECC members from the June 5th Monthly Muscle Car Show. I am using Janet's old laptop to finally get on ECC. I have been trying everything on my desktop to access the site with no luck. I tried changing IE settings and turning off my Firewall. I even tried...
  16. hello!

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    HI THERE EVRYBODY ! :You_Rock: im new to this site, im a 16 yo boy from Norway, got a -78 El camino :inlove: , gray primer, going to be painted in hopefully not too long :nanawrench: stuff i already have done to the car is changing all the bushings in the front, dampers all around and the...