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  1. distributor whining

    Engine Topics
    today i was going to do some compression testing, pulled off the distributor cap (i am now aware i could have just pulled the plug on the side) and found the rotor in a big melted mess. the flat spring that makes contact in the center was basically glued down by all the melted plastic. So i went...
  2. Clicking noise from a plug

    Electrical Systems
    I've had this clicking noise (definitely sounds electrical) starting frequently when I drive. I couldn't find the source until now. I have no idea what it is, but I know that when I unplugged it the clicking stopped. The plug sits right behind and below the air filter. I've attached some...
  3. Inside the windshield

    Interior Restoration
    Not sure if i'm putting this in the right spot..... Wanted to see if anyone can recommend what I can do to shut my freakin' windshield up.:angry: The thing makes a creaky noise whenever I hit a bump. The noise comes from inside on the driver side right where the glass meets the dash. I recently...
  4. Hissing Noise

    Site Topics
    I just recently bought a 1982 Elky in great condition. It's a gunmetal grey, completely original V6 289. I love this thing. I prefer driving my Elky than driving my Charger. Unfortunately, today my windshield was foggy and when I went to switch from OFF to DEFROST on the control panel, it...
  5. Dull whining noise when in gear

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hey guys, my father passed away a few weeks ago and left me his '86 El Camino. He loved this car and naturally so do I, so I'm trying to get it back on the road. The car starts easy and sounds good until I put it in gear. Once in gear, any gear, it makes a dull whining noise that seems to be...