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  1. Engine Topics
    So i’m going to be changing my oil soon i’ve got a 71 350. I was wondering what would any of you recommend? From what i’ve gathered 10w30 is good for me (i live in west texas really hot summers) But id like to know what you guys think I should use.
  2. Engine Topics
    All, I just bought a 1966 El Camino with the 4.6L 283Ci engine and it has been sitting in storage for the last 14 years. It has 108,963 miles and runs well. I need to do an oil change on it and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a definitive answer on what oil to put in it. I've seen...
  3. Engine Topics
    So I’m a new owner of a 1980 El Camino Super Sport. Although I cannot find where I am supposed to put my oil into the car. Hoping someone on here can help me out LOL.
  4. Transmission & Drive line
    On T-5 transmission on my 1972 El Camino, there is a sticker that I should use Dextron 2 lubricant only. As far as I know it's not being produced any more. What is a substitute for Dextron 2? Thanks.
  5. Electrical Systems
    So I converted my idiot lights to gauges today, and for the life of me can't seem to find the original oil pressure switch which I was going to take out and replace with my new oil sending unit for the gauges. Am I missing something or just blind??? I have looked all around the distributor, and...
  6. Engine Topics
    So I recently put a new fuel line in my 84 Elky while I was replacing the intake and exhaust and the pressure built up in my gas tank while my carb was un-hooked from the fuel line. This caused fuel to continuously drip and eventually stream onto the top of my intake and it seeped into my valve...
  7. Interior Restoration
    I was working on my gauge cluster yesterday, and got some sort of oily sludge all over my hands after touching the steering column. Upon further inspection, I noticed this dark-colored crud was all over the back of the steering wheel and on the column. What I'm wondering is: Is this some kind of...
  8. Engine Topics
    Hi, the choke/oil light (idiot) on my 86 likes to blink on here and there. it came on once when I had to made a hard left immediately followed by a hard right while going up a hill and turned off once I leveled out. Normally it will blink on for a sec sometimes while I'm shifting (auto by the...
1-8 of 9 Results