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  1. Best performance and MPG transmission for a 350

    Transmission & Drive line
    I have a 350 with a TH350 backing it in my 84 Elco. Issue is my Daily died so I am dailying the Elco like I used to. But my Hwy MPG is terrible due to no OD. I was looking at an OD unit but I might as well sell my TH350 (With a shift kit) and buy a new trans instead of dropping 2.6K on a unit...
  2. TH350 swap TH200R4

    Transmission & Drive line
    Okay, I've got a chance to swap out my trusty TH350 and install TH200R4 instead. I got it dirty cheap, so that's the way to go. I have read all sort of forums and searched a lot of things about this swap. I tried our forum too, but there are too many threads... I got '70 El Camino and what have...