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  1. Body Restoration
    Hi, I've got a 1983 Conquista that I bought last year from a guy who'd sanded the paint off and primed it but never got around to painting it. I have zero experience painting, but I want to learn on this car (it's my daily driver, not a show car by any means haha.) There are so many brands of...
  2. Interior Restoration
    I had the local paint shop mix some SEM vinyl paint for me. I sprayed all the interior trim in my 85 yesterday and have some paint left over. Has anyone ever painted a "fuzzy" headliner with the vinyl paint? How did it turn out? The material is in good shape and is only a little dirty around...
  3. Interior Restoration
    Is there anything special I should spray these with, or would a regular ol' can of black spray paint do the job just fine? What about prep? Just clean the grease off and go?
  4. Document your restorations and modifications
    So far so good..
  5. Body Restoration
    Hey guys, I have a roll cage that is currently sitting in my garage. Unfortunately, my new garage sucks, and this stuff is starting to rust. Can I sand it down, paint it, and clear coat it, and be good? Or do I need to sand, primer, paint, then clear coat? I just want the stuff to not rust, not...
  6. Interior Restoration
    I'm wanting to change my car interior from Oxblood to black. I'll be buying a new dash and such. Just want to dye or paint the trim and kick panels black. What would be the best way to achieve this? Looking for something that wont fade easily or rub off. -Kevin
  7. Engine Topics
    Here in the next couple of months I'm going to be pulling my smallblock and 4 speed tranny to make painting the engine bay easier and it needs a new oil pan gasket and rear main seal and the tranny needs a few new seals. What I want to know is what am I getting myself into? I'm not doing a...
  8. Body Restoration
    Finally got most of my trim removed to start prepping for paint. It won't let me upload pictures so I'll put them in my photobucket. I'll try to upload them again later.
  9. Detailing
    I noticed I had these black marks on either side of my El Camino. I suppose I kicked up some tar that was paved on the road recently. What's the best way I can remove these marks? I tried using some Goof-Off (it's safe for car paint) but it was to no avail.:neutral2:
  10. Wanted Items
    I am new to this site and glad that I found it! I am in search of a PAINTABLE hard bed cover. I recently bought an 81' Camino and really wanna restore it and fix it up nice. It already has bucket seats and new headliner and what not. The exterior needs some TLC. I want to give it a nice paint...
  11. Detailing
    I am ready to paint the car. I would like it to be factory, even if it wasn't offered on the 82 Conquista. For example, I am looking for a nice paint job that came factory on SS models of the 5th gen. etc. I have a beige stripe along the bottom of the car, which I would like to keep. Was the...
  12. Body Restoration
    Alright.... I figured since I have some cancer spots on this ol' girl that I should do some custom body work while I'm fixin the holes. I've thought of two ideas for the rear lights and bumper. Tell me what you think. Idea #1: Roll Pan replacing stock bumper and using Caddy lights...
  13. Body Restoration
    I am looking for a company/person that does mock-ups of various paint combinations and looks (with/wo ground effects). Does anybody of such a person or company? If so how much does such a mock-up cost. Thanks
  14. General BS Topics
    My El Camino when my Father had it, I grew up in this truck and at the car shows. When I took it over, I painted it yellow, dropped it and added a race motor. I still have it and they will have to pry it from my dead cold hands http://www.youtube.com/user/hurleyracing1#p/u/11/PS8_xcUYeVg
  15. Body Restoration
    I am 16 about to turn 17 and i have big plans for my el camino, but some suggestions would help. i am kinda back and forth with two ideas i have.. it has a 305 in it now (runs strong still) but i wanna upgrade it to the 350 we have hanging in the garage. once i pull the motor out to drop the 350...
  16. General BS Topics
    I bet yall are starting to think I'm off my rocker with al my ideas. But where I live classics don't get too much respect. I park in a lot, come back and someone hit me with a door. My neighbor coated his Tundra in Rhino-Liner, he off-roads alot, but if someone hits his truck with there door it...
  17. Body Restoration
    Hi I am new to el camino central I am trying to decide what color to paint my car i am thinking about a blue color but i am not sure what shade would look good and about a base color or a metallic paint? I will be going with a maaco paint job because of cost. any input would help. thanks billy
1-17 of 21 Results