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  1. Rattle can for interior panels?

    Interior Restoration
    Is there anything special I should spray these with, or would a regular ol' can of black spray paint do the job just fine? What about prep? Just clean the grease off and go?
  2. Wanting good doors and quarter panels 78-87

    Wanted Items
    Like it says, looking for good doors and quarter panels. Thanks
  3. 1965 Tailgate Inner Panel

    Body Restoration
    Where can I find a tailgate inner panel for a 1965? I found one for the 1967 in the El Camino Store. Can that one be modified to work? Thanks, Chad
  4. Kick Panel Removal

    Interior Restoration
    Hello, I have a few manuals but none show how to remove the kick panels. They are brittle and i don't want to just pry at them with a screwdriver. All other trim & carpet is already removed. They seem to loose around the edges but secured to the vent itself. The vent knob is also still in...