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  1. ECM Programing

    Engine Topics
    I have a 1984 El Camino that someone prior to me swapped the engine from 305 cu in to a Jegs 355 cu in/375 hp bolted to a Turbo 350 Trans. I need to pass Cal/Smog. The wiring has been restored to original, both under the hood and dash (some tweeker had added all kinds of ??????). It has stock...
  2. Wanted Holley 750 DP

    Wanted Items
    I need a Holley 750 Double Pumper. No choke is ok, but must have provisions for TV/detent. Thanks, Ralph:texas:
  3. Big Hulking ******* suspension upgrades

    Suspension & Steering
    So, I'm planning on putting in a 4 link suspension setup in the rear, throwing some big ole disc brakes on all 4 corners, and some other goodies and goodness in there. :nanawrench: Not sure what to do/where to go with the front end suspension. Hotchkis seems awful light on parts for it. Any ideas?
  4. 'pro-touring' safety

    Performance Modifications
    This is a REALLY good writeup that covers all sorts of safety mods, the whats, the whys, the hows. Now, if you're keeping your car stock, and not planning on going to the track, most of this will not be your cup of tea. IF however, you're planning on building a streetable track car, or a...
  5. Tell me about...lightweight flywheels

    Performance Modifications
    Anybody use one? I'm all about trying to save some weight (well, sorta :lildevil:) on my el camino, and I'm already looking into aluminum heads, an aluminum intake manifold, lightweight wheels, lightweight fuel pump pushrod, and a lightweight driveshaft. So, anyone used a lightweight flywheel...
  6. How do I get the fastest take off with my 700r

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hi well Im currently a noob to the technicalities of engine setups trannys how it all works basically but I have basic knowledge just not a gear head but anyways I have a 350 SB with a bore over of .30 edelbrock intake with a 4 barrel 750 holley dual flowmasters 700r tranny with a B&M floor...
  7. Sadly Stumbled On Money For The Elky

    Engine Topics
    Heyy guys, long time no talk. To make a long story short, i stubbled onto a car that i really wanted but was at ground zero for cash thus, making me sell my motorcycle (hardest thing i had to do in a long time) to afford it. After selling my motorcycle, i called the seller saying i had the cash...
  8. Question regaurding timing adjustments on EST equiped El Caminos

    Performance Modifications
    As some of you may have read before, I am trying to work the bugs out of my 83 El Camino's engine. I have a late '86 Corvette 350 with aluminum cylinder heads with my factory computer feedback carburetor system installed. I am running stock 83 aluminum intake, a High Energy Comp Cam(p/n...
  9. Where to start with a stock elky

    Performance Modifications
    I've had my 84' Camino for a little while now but have never progressed past exterior upgrades (like a paint job). Since making a cross country trip I'm without any of the mechanics I trusted before and am now at the point where I want to give my elky a healthy upgrade, mostly in overall...
  10. Can anyone help me figure out how to make my el camino run smooth?

    Performance Modifications
    My 83 SS has an 86 350 in it with 87 aluminum vette heads and a mild cam from comp. In an attempt to get some fuel economy out of the motor I re-installed the computer feedback carburetor system on the car. I have not installed the EGR valve, smog pump, or EFE system because the engine does...
  11. 454 upgrades

    Performance Modifications
    i've got a stock 454 7.4l in my 74 Camino and i'm looking to upgrade the horsepower, right now its got the rochester quadrajet on it and an older edelbrock air intake on it but not sure of which type. i'm looking at a Holly 870cfm carb but would like some input here. there's not enough room...
  12. 68 Elky sluggish..

    Performance Modifications
    I have a 68, although the engine in it is a 1980 350 small block. Had to put a new carb on to pass emissions(Edelbrock 650), it had a Carter before- runs the same really, before and after carb replace..doesn't seem to have good pickup on the fwy(and in general). Has single stock exhuast from...
  13. Eric's 1986 Project

    Engine Topics
    Okay so I'm going to be starting my Engine "Buff" project shortly, I plan on starting with headers and slowley learning from there and moving on to harder and more "drastic" things. So I'm going to start looking into some Headers, but if you have any suggestions on a specific kind for an 86 that...
  14. Tranny switch question.

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hey can you put a 6 speed tranny in a el camino? For instance i have an 86 and it has a standard jasper tranny in it, what do i have to do to put a new Better tranny in it? do all i have to do is buy it and have it put on or do i have to actually find parts that will work with it? Because I want...