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  1. 4th gen plastic interior pillar trim

    Wanted Items
    Hey all, I'm in need of only one piece of molding trim for a 76 elkie, it's the last thing I need. I have the rear speaker covers and the front pillar covers, and the cover that goes between the headliner and the windshield, but what I don't have is the drivers side cover that connects the three...
  2. 74 elcamino vent

    Wanted Items
    I happened to leave the AC vent for my el camino on the trunk of my car when heading back from paint. As we all know plastic doesn't stay on a surface while going down the motorway at 80mph:dontknow:. if anybody has a spare I would greatly appreciate it. if your local in Oklahoma I could even...
  3. Full ABS Door Panels?

    Interior Restoration
    Anyone have Full ABS Door Panels in their Caminos? Was wanting to see if they looked decent or not and how others felt about them. http://www.dixiemontecarlo.com/Product/Detail.aspx?s=DM03026%20%20%20BLACK&d=1720&nq=0&p=1&sz=50
  4. Cig lighter burning radio plate?

    Electrical Systems
    Noticed since I bought my el camino the radio plate looked burned and there was no cig lighter socket. Got a new one from a friend and hooked it up today and when I pressed it in sure enough I smelled a little burn plastic. It was enough to concern me is maybe that socket a cheap china made...