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  1. Region 18 (CA)
    This is a California question. Is anyone running CA Historic Vehicle plates? My registration is $160/yr. It looks like Historical Vehicle is $45. Not sure if that is one time or annual. Does this remove the registration and weight fees yearly? Could I save enough to pay for an hour's time...
  2. Region 3 (DE,NJ,PA)
    4/3/2012 - Vintage Plates Ruled Legal for PA Residents - New Law Paves the Way for "Year of Manufacture" (aka YOM) tags to adorn collector cars. Governor to sign in a few days. :nanawrench:More details Here
  3. General BS Topics
    So I've got a friend who has an 78 elco and suggested I get classic car plates. In Wa state you can get them if your vehicle is 30+ years old. They don't require buying tabs every year or emission tests any more, but through my own research have learned that they are ONLY for vehicles that won't...
1-3 of 3 Results