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power steering

  1. Gbody 454 big block swap POWER STEERING WONT FIT

    Engine Topics
    Im doing a big block swap from a 72 chevelle on my 84 elco and im pretty much all done. BUT i would like to have power steering. And im sure others have had the same problem with the pulley hitting the steering box. Ive put posts in other forums and have been told that a regular bracket with...
  2. Power Rack and Pinion

    Suspension & Steering
    I have been looking at a power rack and pinion steering rig from Flaming River for my 1970 Elkie for some time now, but the price they want for what appears to be a standard rack and a fabricated mount is just ridiculous. I wonder - does anyone out there have an idea of what modern donor car I...
  3. power steering on a 1965 model

    Suspension & Steering
    hi, i would like to ad power steering on my 1965 el camino (the engine is a 305 from 1978). what parts do i need and where can i buy them? is it a problem that the car is lowered?
  4. PS not working properly?

    Suspension & Steering
    Symptoms: Doesn't help when idle at all, but when you rev up the engine it starts to help. Of course when in motion its quite easy, but at low speeds not so much. What I have done: I have tried changing the fluids in my PS and that didn't help at all. I noticed that when you turn steering to...
  5. Water pump & Power steering

    Engine Topics
    '79 ELCY w/350 - Was driving the other day and had to muscle the car around a corner. Pulled over and found I was losing anti-freeze in buckets and looked like power steering fluid all over the engine compartment. P/S reservior is dry. After getting it home I looks to be a bad water pump but...
  6. pitman arm to 800 series gear box question

    Suspension & Steering
    Today I picked up an 800 series quick ratio power steering gear box to replace my leaking 605 box. I know that the input shaft on the new box will require a different pitman arm but when i went to the junk yards to find one I could not find a match . The closest I could get was off a 79 monte...
  7. Power steering lines on LT1

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    I thought I had read somewhere that people were using the power steering lines from their LT1 on their Elky Transplant. I have a 1995 TA LT1 and the lines look like they might reach, but I am not sure how to keep them away from the serpentine belt setup. Could someone clue me in to what they...