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  1. Turbo!

    Engine Topics
    Well I finally managed to get my engine out thanks to the aid of Matty Man's lift. Got it torn down and found it's not the original block to the car and while sitting around thinking about where to go from there the idea struck me. Turbo! The engine before already made a fairly healthy amount of...
  2. '84 Camino completely dead no electrics

    Electrical Systems
    Hey everyone, first post and I need a little assistance. I recently inherited a 1984 El Camino Conquista from an elderly family member wo passed away. It was supposedly running fine as of a month ago when he parked it and took out the battery. I went to put the battery back in and it was dead...
  3. right power window will not work

    Electrical Systems
    1984 El Camino. switch on driver's door works both windows. NEW switch on passenger door will not work. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or suggestions? Occasionally, passenger window switch will work up only. HELP - going crazy
  4. Dash speaker wiring tips or tricks?

    Electrical Systems
    Trying to run some speaker wire in my dash to the radio plate having trouble running it through any words of wisdom on the best way to do it? :neutral2:
  5. Getting switches out of the bezels.

    Electrical Systems
    I got some lock and windows switches for a 5th gen and they need cleaned how do i get them out of the surrounding chrome bezel. Got them out of the car but can't get them out of the bezel.
  6. 5th Gen power lock problem

    Electrical Systems
    I am having problems with my 1985 El Camino's power locks. When I bought it the passenger side lock switch didn't work at all but the drivers side would only unlock and not lock. Now neither of them do anything. I took off my door panels (to find a lot of electric and duct tape) and was looking...
  7. Dual Exhaust: How Much Power Improvement

    Engine Topics
    I replaced the factory single exhaust on my 85 EC with dual exhaust with dual catalysts when I bought my EC 8 years ago. The performance improvement was substantial including higher RPM range, faster acceleration, more low range power with a little improvement in gas mileage. The guy I bought...
  8. NEED help with charging system on an 84 elcamino

    Electrical Systems
    i have an 84 elcamino.i have new battery, starter and altenator. all have been tested and good. its not charging right. the voltage output on the altenator jumps around and it test good out of the car.if i use my headlights or heater the voltge immediatley drops and goes pretty much to the red.i...
  9. Straight 6 P/S Parts

    Wanted Items
    Looking for P/S pumpbrackets and pulley set for '65 230. Parts off a 194, 230 and non-integrated head 250 will work. Let me know if you haveor know where. Thanx:beer:
  10. 65 Power Steering Conversion

    Suspension & Steering
    Looking for 65 hood emblem "T" only. Anyone have one to sell?
  11. Power Rear Window

    Body Restoration
    I've looked around the forums and seen this posted before, I got a link to a none power one. I was just wondering since those posts were a few years old, has anyone seen a power rear window kit? Or How hard would i be to make one power? I know anything is possible if you have deep pockets, but...