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  1. Help with a ballpark price?

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    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum. My Grandfather recently passed and our family is a bit lost when it comes to his El Camino. He has a 1970 El Camino Custom V8 with a 350. I've been looking at the VIN info and have a bit of a handle on that info. But, because of his will, we need to...
  2. Finding an 68-72 El Camino or Malibu WAGON

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    I've long admired the El Camino/Chevelle/Malibu line of cars and, having FINALLY landed a decent job (having upgraded to an OTR driver, after years shuttling between warehouses) I'm looking to purchase my first one reasonably soon. While this vehicle wouldn't be a DAILY DRIVER (per say) I would...
  3. My '78

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    Hey guys I have a 1978 el camino that is basically just the body and freshly painted chassis. The body is in really good condition with no rust just the odd dings, it just needs the body work and some fresh paint and it should look nice. I also have a completely fresh interior with new carpets...