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  1. Issue with new carb in 86 El Camino.

    Engine Topics
    Hey all. I recently had the carburetor replaced on my 86. It took the repair shop forever to get one that worked, and he said he went through 5 poorly rebuilt carbs before he got this one, and that the CA compliance i need was making it hard to get one. With the first carb, the car ran great...
  2. Whats That Horrible Noise?! Smog Pump?

    Engine Topics
    bowtie smileThis is my first thread so hopefully it's a good one. Well there is a new issue that needs to be dealt with. My 83 Caballero stalled today and I think it has something to do with the horrible noise coming from something under my alternator. Im certain its not the alternator...
  3. Gas in my oil.

    Engine Topics
    So I recently put a new fuel line in my 84 Elky while I was replacing the intake and exhaust and the pressure built up in my gas tank while my carb was un-hooked from the fuel line. This caused fuel to continuously drip and eventually stream onto the top of my intake and it seeped into my valve...
  4. New Edelbrock carb raised idle to 2,500!! HELP!!

    Performance Modifications
    Alright.. My Roch Q-Jet was leaking fuel, so I decided to put on my 600CFM Edelbrock carb I pulled from my '55 Pickup. :let_it_all_out: BIGGER PROBLEM!! I installed my Edel exactly as it was on my '55 and even looked back at the dummy install sheet from Edelbrock with the converter plate from...