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  1. Gauge Problems

    Electrical Systems
    So recently my 83 El Co has been giving me problems with the gauge. The two main problems are my speedometer; the needle broke off, it shows five mph less than your actually going (So if the speed limit is 40 you'd need to go 35 which is actually 40) it also bounces around everywhere so half od...
  2. Engine turns over without turning key forward.

    Engine Topics
    So we finally got a warm day here in Ohio so I pulled the car outside and fired it up. Let it warm then I shut it down and went in the house for a bit. When I came back a few hours later I started it, and when it fired up the starter was still engaged and turning is I killed the ignition and the...
  3. Distribute giving me problems?

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    Okay, my spark plug wires aren't giving and electrical output so my el camino won't start. You can turn the key and it will sound as if it wants to start but it won't hit so it won't start. I've been trying to find out why no electricity is going through my cables. I just replaced the coil( I've...
  4. Saginaw 4 speed. Pros? Cons?

    Transmission & Drive line
    I have discover my caballero's 383 stroker making in the neiborhood of 500 is backed by the factory Saginaw that came with the car. I have heard these transmissions tend to fail under high horse power applications but this engine and trans combo has been in the car for 20+ years. Am I just...
  5. Got it! ...now what?

    General BS Topics
    So i recently picked up my 84 elko. It's got a 4bbl 350/350 with dual flowmasters and such. And to get it for $5000 i was really happy. But it does have its kinks, the gauges don't work, except the fuel gauge, wiring is not organized at all, drivers side exhaust is loose (which is my guess for...
  6. Door Handle Problems on my '72

    Body Restoration
    Hey everyone! The problem I am having with my passenger side exterior door handle is that I have to push the button completely in while slightly pushing and pulling on the door for it to open. The interior handle works perfect and I don't know what is going on with the outer.:dontknow: I hope...
  7. Relay problem somwhere... HELP!!!

    Interior Restoration
    Hey, I gota 77 elky 7.4 V8 454... just bought and it all of a sudden died. Volts read really low after I gave her a jump so. Thought old batteries aren't holdin a charge.. It's running two synchrnized batteries, I replaced both and that worked for about two days then she died again. If I jump...