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  1. Questions/Opinions on my 84 Project Elky

    Interior Restoration
    Hi forum Im new this but I have been a faithful reader of the forum for over a year now before I owned my own elky , Anyways I have pictures of my project uploaded to my profile if you wish to see them they go from me trying to work on it to its current stage of letting a proffesional do the...
  2. my project

    General BS Topics
    76 ss http://s307.photobucket.com/albums/nn313/bbcrack/hellcamino/
  3. 1977 GMC Sprint

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hey guys, I'm helping my grandfather value and sell his 1977 GMC Sprint. He was told it has a 400ci small block in it, but one options table I saw claimed that motor was not available on the '77. Whatever the size, the engine runs fine and has 149K miles. Body is in good shape with recent paint...