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  1. Choke Question-possible conversion. Rochester Quadrajet on 305

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    Hey y'all. I have recently been having problems with the choke on my quadrajet. I let the engine warm for quite a while but the choke wont open and the RPMs wont kick down. I replaced the choke thermostat thinking that might do the trick, Not sure if I didnt set it right or what. But When I...
  2. Quadrajet measure help needed

    Engine Topics
    Hi everybody from germany ! I'm still in rebuildung some Q-Jets but there are 2 big questions open: Doe's anyone knows a definated height for the Main and the secondary rods ? At the main side I'm thinking I have the right height when pushed the power piston fully in and will be with the rods...
  3. Have I mistakenly murdered my Q-jet?

    Engine Topics
    Rebuilt the carburetor for the first time last night. I was using this video as a guideline. I got ahead of the video and pulled the power valve (upper center of this pic) off the carb. It came off looking something like an upper case "T" with two jets dangling off either side of the "T"...
  4. I need the Q-Jet Expert!

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    I just installed a brand new Q-Jet carb on my CA '82 Elky with a 350 Mr. Goodwrench engine. The old carb worked fine but gave a TPS fail code (I have to smog it) so since the old carb was real grody, I decided to "do it right." Well, now the engine starts instantly, idles smoothly, runs great...
  5. New to the Quardajet.....

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    I replaced my Fast Idle Solenoid the other day and when I had the air cleaner off I reved the engine up and gas shot out of the top of the carb. Is this how the jets are supposed to work or does it sound like ther's a problem? Thanks in advance :confused2:
  6. Rochester Quadrajet 4MV carburetor rebuild

    Performance Modifications
    http://www.crankshaftcoalition.com/wiki/How_to_rebuild_a_Rochester_Quadrajet_4MV_carburetor lots of info,, have fun..:texas:
  7. Carb too big?

    Performance Modifications
    HEY GUYS!!!!!! its been a long while since ive been on. my computer was down but im up and running now. Well, its been about 2 months since ive been up here. in that time ive got my exhaust done, put in my 3.42 gears, and upgraded my wheels (pics coming soon). im ALOT happier with the new gears...