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  1. Radiator hoses have no pressure

    Air Conditioning & Heating Systems
    Hey y'all, so the heat in my '80 elky wasn't very warm so I went ahead and replaced my heater core seeing as I know it has never been replaced. Everything back together and sealed up correctly, fired it up and the hot air was warmer, but not to where I know it should be. So, I bought a new...
  2. '65 w/ a 350HO need radiator + fan help/options

    Engine Topics
    Anyone got a '65 with a 350 HO? Looking for Radiator / Shroud / Fan setup recommendations. Read hotrod mag's '65 elco cooling problem fix with a flex-a-lite radiator + single 16" fan setup. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/1965-chevy-el-camino-overheating-fix/ Clearance is tight against the...
  3. 74 radiator core support/inner fender

    Wanted Items
    Looking for the radiator core support, and INNER passenger side wheel well for my 1974. Previous owner must have had a problem with a leaking battery (purely speculation) as it appears rotted in only that area. I'm in Wisconsin (53022)... I know shipping on things this size/weight can...
  4. Radiator change needed for a 454 into a 77 El Camino?

    Engine Topics
    Hi all, So I've got a near stock 454 (small cam, manifold, Holley 650) from a 77 C10 that I've rebuilt and am slotting into my 77 El Camino, that was stock with a 350, auto, PS and air. On the subject of radiators, what's everyone's opinion on whether the stock one will do it? Is there a...
  5. New LS engine and radiator shroud questions

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    A new radiator is being ordered for the LS conversion in the 85. The old radiator/ fan shroud held the radiator in place across the top. The top assembly and shroud is all one big piece of molded plastic the fit the old water pump/fan assembly. But not so with the two new electric fans. Is...
  6. Been a while--Radiator help

    Region 13 (TX)
    Haven't been on the site in quite some time! But SteelBeast has kept me updated on a lot of great things that have been going on with ECC. An awesome club to be a part of. I have an aluminum Jegs radiator and I was advised to have it welded to stop the leak (which has progressively gotten...
  7. radiator/fan shrouds?

    Engine Topics
    So can somebody explain to me the fan shrouds that cover the whole darn radiator, and what the purpose is? I've seen 'em advertised at me from a few places, and I'm not sure why they're made that way, and if it is supposed to offer some sort of advantage. Seems to me it would mean less airflow...
  8. Radiator swap not same size and transmission cooling lines don't line up...

    Engine Topics
    Hi all. I have a 1970 el camino with a 307, no AC. I just pulled this car out of storage this winter after it was put there 25 years ago and found that the radiator is cracked (I think it is the original radiator). I ordered a new radiator from autozone (spectra CU161), but this radiator is...
  9. 1982 El Camino 3.8 V6 coolant capacity?

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Hey there, i am currently doing a repair on my El Camino's cooling system and i need to know the liquid capacity of my radiator.. does anyone know how many liters are in a 1982 El Camino 3.8 V6? Id appreciate it! THANKS! -LOUIE
  10. Oil Cooler: Wider Radiator in my 85 EC?

    Performance Modifications
    I want to run an oil cooler on my 85EC. I understand that the 96 impala SS (and 9C1 police model) had an oil cooler built into the driver side of the radiator. However, the Impala SS radiator is 30.5" wide versus 26.25" for the 85EC. Does anyone know ehether the Impala SS radiator will fit...
  11. (V6 to V8 Engine Swap) Radiator Advice Needed

    General BS Topics
    Sooo.... I'm thinking I'm going to need a new radiator when swapping out a V6 to Chevy 350 Small Block. I have everything I need to swap it out but I'm looking for some help for what Radiator if I need to, do I put in. Looking for advice.
  12. Strange Overheat Issue

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Recently my temp gauge at highway speeds (~3000RPM) reads around 210-220 (air temp is about 50F). Getting off the highway, the temp might drop back to 190 - 200. There is no steam, smell, or leaking antifreeze visible. Car used drive at a rock steady at 180 until a few days ago. Things I...