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  1. Looking for 85 EC AM/FM radio

    Interior Restoration
    I'm looking for an original style am/fm manual tuning radio for my 85. I don't want any digital look. Does anyone have one or know the best place to find one to buy? I haven't tried any stereo shops but have looked online. Most have digital or way too many options. I also plan to replace the...
  2. CB radio and whips/antenna placement

    So i am getting a cb radio for my 79 El Camino Conquista but dont know what to do for whips/antennas. I have no normal radio antenna on the front fender area so i couldnt rig something up from that. So I originally wanted to put two 4 foot whips on but the only place i could think of to mount...
  3. Blowout on Custom Autosound DIN Radios - $99.95

    Vendors Forum
    Hey Everyone, Well... We ordered too many DIN radios for the summer and we need to blow them out. These normally retail for $159.95 and we are selling them for $99.95 until supplies run out. They fit any vehicle with a DIN opening (7.2" x 2.11"). This would be most cars after 84. It's the...
  4. Will an 86-88 faceplate/radio bezel fit an 83?

    My son just bought a cd player to install in his 83 elky. I do not want to cut up the faceplate/radio bezel to install. Looking online I found some 86-88 that kinda look like the same bezel, but do not have the knob holes that the 83 has. I am just wondering if one of these will fit, or if we...
  5. Audio suggestions for a 66 Elky

    I don't know much about radios other than listening to them. I have a restored 66 that has the original am radio but not installed. Would like to update the radio and heard good things about the Retrosound radio as I want it to fit the original hole with a modern radio. What I don't have a clue...
  6. 1977 AM/FM AC Delco problems

    once again i apolagize if this has been covered already, if so direct me to it...but about eight months or so ago i was listening to my radio and all of a sudden it just crapped out on me. and keep in mind i dont turn it up very loud. when i got out of class it still didnt work(cant blame for...
  7. 1970 el camino sound bar

    i thinking about upgrading my audo system im 70 and i was wondering if anybody made a good sound bar that would fit below the rear shelf behind the seats also my budy has a musting with a stero that has a front plate that looks like the stock radio but behind it their is a modren cd player dose...
  8. stereo

    Interior Restoration
    well people i'm stuck i really like the old school look of the retrosound stereos but they don't put out for a subwoofer, should i sacrifice the more stock look for a soundsystem or go the other way and just depend on my speakers
  9. 1965 El Camino Radio

    Electrical Systems
    Does anyone know the cheapest place to find a single disc original looking 65 radio? I can only find the 10 disc changer.thanks
  10. Antenna help, running wires and aftermarket radio

    Okay well i have a '79 caballero and i want to put a new radio in it. I plan on getting just a am fm and cd radio that is sattelite ready, and then getting the tuner to get sattelite. But i have a problem, im not sure if its my antenna or my radio, but my current one gets very bad reception and...
  11. How do I choose an aftermarket stereo that will fit my 66?

    I've got a car audio pro installing a system in my camino. I have been instructed to find the head unit or an adapter because he don't want to **** up my dash. It appears to me that there are only a handfull to choose from (ones made to fit) and they either have minimal features or have all...