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  1. 14" rally wheels

    Wanted Items
    I'm looking for some 14" rally wheels for my 80' If there not rusted I'm interested
  2. Selling chevy rally wheel center caps

    Wheels & Tires
    Hello fellow Elkys! I saw that you couldn't post personal eBay links on the parts for sale section, but it didn't say posting links here is forbidden (correct me if I'm wrong I don't want to get in trouble! :neutral:) Here it is and I started it at $0.99 and no reserve!!!! Get at it...
  3. 15" Rally Wheel Wanted

    Wanted Items
    I need a 15 X 7 Rally Wheel for my 68 El Camino - no trim ring or center as this will be for a spare tire. I would prefer one from the 67 to 68 year date code, but would settle for one from the 68 to 72 years. THANKS.........Ken