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  1. RPO Codes
    I don't know much about how to look up how rare (if at all) a particular car is. I have a 73 el camino. When decoding the vin, it says its an el camino custom, but on the side of the front quarter panel, it says estate. Any and all info is helpful at this point. Thank you in advance.
  2. Region 4 (MD,VA)
    I only know of like 2 other El Caminos in 500 miles of Washington county VA. For gods sake, I saw 3 subaru BRATs the other day and 2 Rancheros. Why am I alone here? P.S. I need a vacuum cylinder!!! IM DYIIIIINNG (81 conquista 229, sunroof, 8 couch cushions***)
1-2 of 3 Results