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  1. Transmission & Drive line
    1986, What rear end might this be? I couldn't find stamp anywhere was under there with wire brush n flash light. Nothing on diff or front of passenger side axle tube.
  2. Transmission & Drive line
    Hey guys. Sorry if something similar has been posted but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. This is my first builder and am still learning as I go. I have an ‘81 that originally had a 229. I swapped it with a 350. It’s got a rebuilt TH350. First gear gets me to around 25 mph, second...
  3. Suspension & Steering
    I am new to this forum and didn't find anything like this but i have an 86 El Camino that has a 7.5 rear end on its last leg and i came across a replacement and am not sure if it will work or not. The dimensions are 55 1/2 from drum to drum. I am aware that it is slightly wider than the stock...
  4. Transmission & Drive line
    Hey guys, I have a question regarding a transmission swap. I have a 1985 ElCo Conquista. It had a rebuilt 350sb transplanted after the factory 305 died. The transmission is a 200R4, and it's started to rattle and lag, unless I really slam down the gas pedal. I was considering just getting a...
  5. Transmission & Drive line
    I need help removing my differential off a 79 El Camino. Im swapping but I can't find instructions anywhere and don't want to mess anything up. Can anybody help?
  6. Transmission & Drive line
    Hi everyone I am new to the thread and need some information. I own an 84 el camino, I am in the process of swapping a 1994 LT1 350 into it I will be running the original TH350C transmission. My main question is, what would it take to make the rear end from a 1999 2wd s10 blazer (or any late...
  7. Wanted Items
    I'm looking for an inexpensive posi/limited-slip carrier for my car for the budget car-building race I'm working on it for. I'd ideally like one with a good 3.XX gear & pinion, but just the carrier would work. Would definitely prefer a 3-series carrier. It's a normal 7.5" 10-bolt 26-spline rear...
  8. Transmission & Drive line
    What is the most economical way to get lower RPM on the hiway? Currently have stock Muncie 4 speed and RPMS seem hight at 65 MPH on freeway. Mechanic suggests switching to 5 speed tranny. How about rear end gears? cheaper? easier? Any comments appreciated.
  9. Transmission & Drive line
    Was looking up 8.5" 10 bolt rear ends that i could possibly get the ring and pinion out of, if not the whole carrier too. Ran across this website and it caught my eye because there are TONS of truck my way that are considered junk to people...
  10. Wanted Items
    The rear end on my 77 went out the other day and i am gonna replace everything. I am wanting to put in a 373 posi if i can. If anyone has one for sale let me know
  11. Transmission & Drive line
    I was looking to re-gear my stock GM 10-Bolt and was wondering how I determine the size of my rear end, and what size ring and pinion to get. Any help?
  12. Transmission & Drive line
    my '79 has a borg warner t5 5 speed and a 10 bolt posi rearend. tell me what you think of these. do you think theyll hold up to a mild 383 stroker?
  13. Suspension & Steering
    well, my ******* child of a pickemup and chevelle has began to cry out to me again. first it was the a new spring from the parking brake bar broke in half(made in china) and rubbed on the drum...now i dont know but have my suspicions... a 77 classic, showroom condition...i back her out of the...
  14. Transmission & Drive line
    As usual I find myself way up the stream without a paddle and many times I question whether my butt is even in a canoe. I have an 84 SS that is my son's car. We were going to bring the car to the shop next week to get the rear rebuilt before it blew. It had some wobble but because it's also...
  15. Transmission & Drive line
    So, now I am somewhat confused. I understand the general workings of a rearend, but I have never been inside one myself. I have never heard reference to "2 series" and "3 series" before. Does this reference the approximate break between the 2._ _ ratios and the 3._ _ ratios, as they came from...
1-15 of 15 Results