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  1. 1969 Camino next build; rear end & tire size concerns

    Wheels & Tires
    I'm currently looking for my second 3rd generation El Camino to do a full custom build on. Basically, I'm going for a pro touring/road trip style build. (aluminum LS motor, t56 trans, performance mods, suspension mods, creature comforts, etc) I'm wondering, what is the absolute biggest tire...
  2. Can You Patch Rusty Frame Rails?

    Body Restoration
    I have a 79 ec conquista and the rear frame rails are kinda rusty. The passenger side rail aint too bad but the driver side has some holes... Is it possible to patch the frame rails with some sheet metal or a patch? Can i keep the whole car assembled and not have to take parts off or have the...
  3. 1970 El Camino Rear Brakes can't get pinion back in gears moved

    Brake Systems
    Help ! My husband bought a 1970 el camino ss 396. It didn't pass inspection. Needs new rear brakes, seal leaking. He took it all apart, bought parts needed. Had removed pinion bar. gears moved slightly. Now he can't get pinion bar back in and has been unable to get gears to move back. Any...
  4. elly wont stop screaming at me! help!

    Suspension & Steering
    well, my ******* child of a pickemup and chevelle has began to cry out to me again. first it was the a new spring from the parking brake bar broke in half(made in china) and rubbed on the drum...now i dont know but have my suspicions... a 77 classic, showroom condition...i back her out of the...
  5. Rear Window Leak Repair

    Body Restoration
    During a recent rain, I noticed that I now have a leak coming from my rear window. There are no visible rust holes in the metal around the window. From reading on here, I see that this is not a new issue for Elkys. Anyway, I stopped at a body shop and they gave me an estimate of ~$250 for...
  6. Power Rear Window

    Body Restoration
    I've looked around the forums and seen this posted before, I got a link to a none power one. I was just wondering since those posts were a few years old, has anyone seen a power rear window kit? Or How hard would i be to make one power? I know anything is possible if you have deep pockets, but...
  7. 3rd generation bumpers

    Body Restoration
    1968 tailgates have the back up lights in the bumpers, but 69-72 have them in the tailgate i think. i have only found 68 rear bumpers that fit my 70. is it correct for them to have the backup light holes in the bumper even thought they are really in the tailgate? where can i get a 70 rear bumper...