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  1. Quadrajet measure help needed

    Engine Topics
    Hi everybody from germany ! I'm still in rebuildung some Q-Jets but there are 2 big questions open: Doe's anyone knows a definated height for the Main and the secondary rods ? At the main side I'm thinking I have the right height when pushed the power piston fully in and will be with the rods...
  2. 84 El Camino Front end Rebuild and upgrade

    Suspension & Steering
    So the steering on my 84 is a bit loose and looking underneath it needs to be rebuilt. I have found a few kits online but also want to do coilovers. I was wondering what anybody else has done for rebuilding their front ends with coil overs. *I also work at a shop so I get discounts on parts...
  3. Crate Engine - How much HP Do I Need>

    Engine Topics
    I'm hoping for some engine advice. I have a 1969 El Camino with a blown 1974 350 engine. I'm considering a GM 350 crate engine with 200 HP which is about $1,800 from Hawaiin Racing in Simi Valley. I'm concerned I will not be happy with the low 200 HP. How much HP would I be satisfied with and...
  4. Rebuilding/restoring 1970 Saginaw Power Steering Gearbox #5691676

    Suspension & Steering
    As before, this information was compiled while working on my 1970 Chevelle SS, but is relative and applicable to 3rd, 4th and 5th Gen El Caminos. While cleaning and painting the front clip of my Chevelle earlier this year, I decided to go deeper into the engine bay and give her the cleaning and...
  5. Have I mistakenly murdered my Q-jet?

    Engine Topics
    Rebuilt the carburetor for the first time last night. I was using this video as a guideline. I got ahead of the video and pulled the power valve (upper center of this pic) off the carb. It came off looking something like an upper case "T" with two jets dangling off either side of the "T"...
  6. 70 el camino service truck

    Document your restorations and modifications
    Just bought a 70 el camino. We have a rusted out 69 for parts. We have new 4 wheel disc's for all 4 corners, hotchkis suspension for the rear, new ball joints, bushings and linkage for the front, new fuel and brake lines. Using the 69 rear end. The 70 interior was gutted and bucket seats...
  7. King of the Beast's 427 build

    Document your restorations and modifications
    Hey fellow members, I ran across an opportunity the other day, you know how it goes, you are looking at craigslist, and maybe have something in mind, which in my case was I may need some big block parts, and lo and behold something catches your eye and you pick up the phone to see what's the...
  8. Engine rebuild kits?

    Engine Topics
    Any of you out there have any experience with the engine rebuild kits that are floating around? I have a 305 and saw suddenly on E-bay a 305 Engine master rebuild kit. It was around $300 and was brand named engine tech. Did a little searching and found their website here. So my questions is does...
  9. Conversion 4wd Trans to 2wd?

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hi all, I have a lead on a possible engine/trans donor for cheap, a 94 blazer... I am fairly sure they only came with v6's that year, but hey, it's a TBI V8 with serpentine belts and all it's AC parts and brackets, fuel pump, wires computer and whatever else I can scavenge.... At the moment I...
  10. 86 El Camino V6 rebuild

    Engine Topics
    I got an 1986 El Camino. Its a 4.3l V6 262ci. I need to rebuld the engine. Does anyone know any websites, online store, or whatever where i can find an engine rebuild kit with all the rings, bolt, gaskets, ETC. please help.
  11. HEI Distributor Rebuild

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    Hello all, I'm currently in the middle of a full-on HEI rebuild with the goal in mind to maximize timing performance to achieve the best possible fuel economy. We're not talking your basic cap and rotor type rebuild, but a full disassembly and cleaning, checking the advance mechanism...
  12. Starting an Engine Build/Rebuild

    Engine Topics
    Alright, This is where I'm starting at: *350 SBC 4bm - pulled from a running (but wrecked) 1988 Iroc Z Parts to be installed: Cams: Summit Racing (1105) Intake: Edelbrock RPM Performer Vortec (7116) Carb: Holley 4106 (0-80508S) Heads: GMPP Vortec (12558060) Exhaust: Summit Racing Headers...
  13. Otterfox -1982 GMC Caballero Amarillo

    Document your restorations and modifications
    My 1982 GMC Caballero Amarillo * 267 v8 engine, stock except for a holly carb and eddlebrock intake. * Stock drivetrain, the turbo350 trans may not be from the truck originally... things have been in and out several times. The rear is original and I have no idea what gearing it is. * Suspension...
  14. 454 to 496?

    Engine Topics
    been trying to do my research lately and from what i've found so far it isn't too big of a difference in price to do just a regular rebuild than to upgrade it to a 496 stroker...