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  1. Region 13 (TX)
    Please note the Poll Results!................Ken :texas: (waf from NY slipped one in for No Show) May 14th it is! The votes are in (13 to 10 with Region 13 votes - Rally169 is not in Region 13), and the First Annual Texas Invitational will be held on May 14th, in Belton, TX. The invitations...
  2. Region 13 (TX)
    Larry and Janet say hello to all ECC members from the June 5th Monthly Muscle Car Show. I am using Janet's old laptop to finally get on ECC. I have been trying everything on my desktop to access the site with no luck. I tried changing IE settings and turning off my Firewall. I even tried...
  3. Other Events Discussed
    All are welcome to come and join us! :texas: For those of us meeting in Plano on the 6th, I want to change the plan somewhat. Because the Car Show participants start arriving in the early afternoon, and because we want to get a good location and a row all our own, let's just meet at the Sonic...
1-3 of 3 Results