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  1. Fuel Pump

    Electrical Systems
    Hello my el camino seems to not have power going to the fuel pump. It happened before my v6 to v8 swap. It began to stall a bit but fortunately the thing kept going for 10 miles or so. I removed the fuel pump and directly connected it but nothing happened so i replaced it. But unfortunately it...
  2. MAD Electrical?

    Electrical Systems
    I stumbled across this article about dim headlights in 3rd generation Chevy's. According to the author, the electrical system in these cars have an inherent design flaw that causes a nearly 5V drop at the fuse block (and as a result, this low voltage is used by the rest of the systems in the...
  3. Blinkers gone mad

    Electrical Systems
    Weird scenario..???:???: Left blinker turned on= all left lights blink, but right side also blinks dimly..front and rear (including R side fender light). Right blinker turned on= all right blinks except R side fender light-(no left is blinking though) I changed the signal relay, but not the...
  4. Relay problem somwhere... HELP!!!

    Interior Restoration
    Hey, I gota 77 elky 7.4 V8 454... just bought and it all of a sudden died. Volts read really low after I gave her a jump so. Thought old batteries aren't holdin a charge.. It's running two synchrnized batteries, I replaced both and that worked for about two days then she died again. If I jump...