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  1. Electrical Systems
    My 1984 El Camino blows the fan/ac fuse when engine starts. Thought it was a bad blower motor, took it out, lubed it, worked fine, can let it stay on for a long time with ignition on, works in all speeds, until I start the engine, then fuse blows immediately. What is different when engine runs...
  2. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Starting to look at the AC on my 71 (factory AC)... All blower speeds and Vac/doors respond fine. Jumpered the Ambient switch no power on the light blue wire. Jumpered 12V to Compressor, engages fine, compressor is quiet, sight glass shows freon moving. When I put wiring back to normal, the...
  3. Electrical Systems
    I am having problems with my 1985 El Camino's power locks. When I bought it the passenger side lock switch didn't work at all but the drivers side would only unlock and not lock. Now neither of them do anything. I took off my door panels (to find a lot of electric and duct tape) and was looking...
1-3 of 3 Results