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  1. Kick Panel Removal

    Interior Restoration
    Hello, I have a few manuals but none show how to remove the kick panels. They are brittle and i don't want to just pry at them with a screwdriver. All other trim & carpet is already removed. They seem to loose around the edges but secured to the vent itself. The vent knob is also still in...
  2. What emissions items can I remove without affecting the ECM?

    Engine Topics
    Just wondering what emissions stuff i can remove that will not affect the ecm or require me to remove it. In ct all vehicles 25 years or older are not required to be tested for emissions, Im not doing it for any gains really but just to clean up the engine bay a bit, so its a little more...
  3. Ignition Lock assy removal 1984 El camino

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    I have a problem in which i need your help. Hardware guy screwed up my original key when making a copy. I can't turn the ignition lock from the off position. I purchased replacement but instructions are horrible (poor pictures and very vague). Please help me in getting the lock out to...