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  1. '65 doors, cowl grill, & wheel wells

    Body Restoration
    Have some 65 Malibu doors complete with glass and handles. Driver side is banged up on the exterior but everything else is still good. The cowl grill is in great shape. The wheel wells just need an acid dip. Selling or trading all. Hurst quarter stick shifter for TH350. PM me for details. Stay...
  2. Mid body mount rust repair/smugglers box

    Body Restoration
    I was going to install my new carpet today, most of the interior was already removed from when the body work was done. I go to removed the carpet out of the smugglers box, and I see two rust holes on both sides about midway through the smugglers box, about the size of a baseball. Both of the...
  3. Complete Wire Harness Replacement

    Electrical Systems
    Has anyone replaced their entire wiring harness (e.g., something like a Painless kit) with the car in one piece (i.e., not prepped for painting or restoration). Obviously it would be easier to do with the car stripped down to its bare bones. I'm curious if performing this replacement with the...
  4. 1985 Switch From Dash Clock to Tach

    Electrical Systems
    I've got a 5th Gen 1985 (5.0L 305 V8) with all the stock gauges in it working perfectly... except for the clock. And honestly, I'm ok with that, my goal here is not to fix the clock, but to replace it with a tachometer. I was wondering if somewhere out there was a tach that looked like the...
  5. Wire harness replacement

    Electrical Systems
    I have a 1980 Chevy El Camino Conquesta, with a 305. My father has recently refurred to my car as a "firey death trap" and told me I needs to replace the hareness in the engine compartment. There is also more work i need done like: replaceign the steering column and replacement of the...
  6. 5th gen horn button question

    Interior Restoration
    My 1985 el caminos horn button has some cracks in it and I am about to buy a replacement a.s.a.p. I was wanting to know how to remove it and how to put the new one on all info is appreciated.
  7. Floor pan replacement

    Tips & Tricks
    I have to replace my floor pans in my 73 SS. I have been quoted $800-1000 for the labor from some recommended mechanics. Is there a less expensive way to do this? I have no equipment to do this myself. Does anyone make a one piece floor pan instead of the 2 piece floor pans I see online? Are...