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  1. Before and after pics

    Before and after pics

    Started this restoration project of 7/29/15
  2. Best muncie

    Site Rules
    Sup from the South Bay? Please excuse this rook but need to borrow some OGs experience. What's the best muncie to put in my 69 ss396 project? First I want to preserve the value of the car, next I want to love driving it. Not so in love with wrenching on it but I do it anyways. Thanks yo...stoked...
  3. '73 Interior Restoration - Will '76 interior work???

    Interior Restoration
    I have a '73 custom that i bought for son, the exterior is is great shape and newly painted. The inside is a complete restoration. I found a '76 that has all the interior parts I need. WILL THEY FIT? I am looking to use from the '76; - the seats - door panels - dash - a/c control nobs - door...
  4. Been sanding on the 71'

    Body Restoration
    Been sanding on this rust bucket for a couple days here and there with a air compressor and air sander, found alot of old spots (some really major down low)of bondo,taken all chrome off and everything else i could get off, I've also recently removed the dash.....ill need to get the gas tank off...
  5. Body restoration Bolt Kit

    Body Restoration
    SO....I've had the wife helping me deconstruct my 5th Gen Elco for the Rod Shop to install a new motor / trans and paint the engine bay and such while it was apart. This is how it's setting now. BLESS HER HEART! She made a comment "are you going to re-use these nasty looking bolts?!" This got...
  6. Rebuilding/restoring 1970 Saginaw Power Steering Gearbox #5691676

    Suspension & Steering
    As before, this information was compiled while working on my 1970 Chevelle SS, but is relative and applicable to 3rd, 4th and 5th Gen El Caminos. While cleaning and painting the front clip of my Chevelle earlier this year, I decided to go deeper into the engine bay and give her the cleaning and...
  7. 1970 Brake Proportioning Valve #2226261

    Brake Systems
    I'm currently working to restore my 1970 Chevelle SS396's front end and engine compartment. My immediate project is brakes related: master cylinder, booster, proportion and distribution valves, and hard & soft lines. Though I'm working on a Chevelle, the things I'm learning are absolutely...
  8. Oh what a tangled web they weaved!!!

    Engine Topics
    [img=http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img540/1886/vGTill.jpg] [img=http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img661/9720/iqLeaV.jpg] [img=http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img912/5996/oCumwN.jpg] [img=http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img911/6379/a6xpFx.jpg] This past Friday I went to check on my exhaust...
  9. Trim restoration

    Body Restoration
    I talked to some nice people at a company called Concourse Trim LLC. They had some examples of pot metal stuff they restored 1/2 of the part, and OMG its hard to believe it looked so good from what I would have considered Junk. They can straighten and polish stainless to show quality if its not...
  10. Restoration: OEM and After Market Suppliers

    Body Restoration
    Good day, Looking for good sources of OEM and/or aftermarket suppliers for restoration projects. Right now I want to rebuild the doors in an '85 Conquista. I've doen business with Original Parts Group in years past but they seemed to have changed. Summit doesn't have much stock/original...
  11. Complete dash

    Interior Restoration
    I'm new to elkys. Can someone tell me why it is so hard to find a complete dash? Covers are everywhere but why not dashes. Educate me please.
  12. Looking for a '69 Elky in Minnesota

    Region 10 (IL,MN,WI)
    Hey everyone. I've never had an Elky before, but my goal is to buy a 69 el camino for a good restoration project. Anyone that has any advice on where to look for one, please let me know! I just really don't know where to start
  13. In need of shop equipment!!

    Region 8 (OH,WV)
    I am just throwing a line out to anyone in the columbus Ohio area that might be interested in selling some tools and other shop equipment. I am a young kid (still in high school) restoring my 78 GMC I work throughout the summer and weekends when I can to pay for parts and shop equipment and I'm...
  14. better headlights

    Electrical Systems
    I'm restoring a 1971 Chevy el camino and the headlights are really dim for the roads i drive does anyone know of any headlights that will be brighter and mount right up without cutting anything off the original front end or changing a wiring system hardcore?
  15. 1970 Gas Tank Restoration

    Body Restoration
    Hello all, What follows will be the refurbishment of my 1970 Chevelle SS fuel tank. While technically not an El Camino, I'm sure that a lot of people here will be interested in the process. I'm starting this project, because I cannot fill my tank past half full because it seeps out from...
  16. What color should I paint wheels 1982 el camino

    Body Restoration
    Going to paint these wheels. My dad owns a powder coating shop so it will be most convenient to get them painted there. However, it will only be one color. I'm thinking a silver color, since he has a nice lot of silvers to choose from. What do you guys think?
  17. Broken Console lid...What to do ?

    Interior Restoration
    So I opened the lid today on the factory console of my 1987 Elky, and the entire length of the hinge just gave way! It's now just sitting on the console box ( the lock holds it in place ). Have any of you guys had this problem? I was thinking of just going to the hardware store and buying some...
  18. ol sparky's el camino resto

    Document your restorations and modifications
  19. 1959-60 camino body panels

    Wanted Items
    I need the panel that is under the rear window / window track call tim Lee 972-353-5555 or shot me an email
  20. Where are the hidden V.I.N. on an 83 elcamino?

    Body Restoration
    I am trying to restore my '83 SS El Camino and I found an '82 parts truck for a reasonable price. What concerns me is the V.I.N. plate on the firewall/dashboard area has been removed. I would like to buy this parts truck but I want to make sure that there are no legal issues. Can anyone tell...