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  1. Aww yeah! (check it out)1971

    General BS Topics
    So......I got the 85 cabby, and the 81 elky. Now its time for a 71 to join them, gonna go pick it up tomorrow for 1500 bucks. these pictures were taken years ago when I didn't have the 2 grand the guy wanted. ummm.......I dunno, might have the engine rebuilt blah blah blah , might end up trying...
  2. Hi ya'll

    For New Forum Members Only
    Thanks for allowing another senior in the group. I have a 1959 El Camino that I am working on. If there is anyone in the Houston area that works on these old ones, give me a shout. Thanks Vernon
  3. Restoring a 69 Elky

    Engine Topics
    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum, so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong category. I am going to buy a 69 el camino for a restoration project, and I'm fairly novice when it comes to cars. I want the Elky to get pretty decent gas mileage when I'm done because I'll be driving it quite a bit. My...
  4. Trim and Bumpers

    Body Restoration
    I am working a 68 and I have most of the trim from the bed and both front and rear bumpers. The trim is pitted and both bumpers have some dings and pitting. My question is whether it is better to just buy replacement pieces or to have the originals restored? Not sure how much more expensive...
  5. What color should I paint wheels 1982 el camino

    Body Restoration
    Going to paint these wheels. My dad owns a powder coating shop so it will be most convenient to get them painted there. However, it will only be one color. I'm thinking a silver color, since he has a nice lot of silvers to choose from. What do you guys think?