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rough idle

  1. 73 454 as rough idle

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    My 73 new carb/distributor and wires.runs rough/surges at stops even shuts off. It was doing this b4 the new components. Cant seen to find a vaccum leak ..
  2. New member from CA. with idle issues 84 Elky

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    HI all, I recently replaced the 305 in my sons Elky with a long block and have the same problem I had. Idle bounces around between 500 and 1500 then dies. Sometimes it runs fine. Replaced fuel pump, Egr, distributer module (HEI). Checked vacuum lines. Cap, rotor, Plug wires. Still same issue...
  3. Rough Idle - Troubleshooting and question

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    Hi All, I have a stock 1984 El Camino with all emissions and factory CCC carb. Since I had the truck about 6 months, I noticed a rough idle when warm. Here are thing things that I have done to help remedy the problem: Replaced ignition wires, some wires looked like they were rubbing against...