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  1. Tire/Rim Rub on Control Arm

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey everyone, Im running into a problem with wheel and tire fitment on a 1982 El Camino previously with a v6 and currently swapping it for a Chevy 350. Currently the car has 14" rims with 3.5" backspacing (not sure on width but definitly on the smaller side) and 215 series width tires. The...
  2. front tire size on lowered el camino help

    Wheels & Tires
    My 1979 elco is lowered 3" in front and 2" in back. Front tires rub really bad now after drop spindles. They are 225/60r15 on a 7" wide wheel with 4" backspace. I just bought 205/60r15 to replace the 225s. Will this help? What size tires are you guys running in front on your lowered elkys??
  3. Brake rotor issues

    Performance Modifications
    I drive a 67 el camino with a disc brake conversion. Supposedly stock style spindle dropped 2 inches. This pushes out the tires about an inch further than stock. I bought the car like this and the previous owner couldn't give me any info as he also bought it like this and had no way to contact...