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  1. Engine Topics
    Hello all, I am at a point of beginning to build my new engine. I have an opportunity to purchase a 350. It is said to be out of a 1961. My Elco is a 1981. will a 1961 fit into my 1981? Oh and I took all of my smog and ECM out of my elco. Or I could also purchase a 1999 350. The 1961...
  2. LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    :new_ukliam2: My Elco is my daily driver and I'd like to swap it over to EFI and I like to do it as cheap as possible. Well, cheap as possible might be to get a junkyard TBI setup from a 80s van or something, so maybe not that. Not looking for huge power gains or anything (definitely don't want...
  3. Engine Topics
    I did a v6 to v8 engine swap in my 1982 elcamino. I timed it and it ran great for a few days. I even drove it to work. But on my way back from work it started sputtering and backfiring. I had to limp it home. Now I can start it up and it idles and runs great for around 15-20 minutes until...
  4. Wanted Items
    Hello ever since i swapped my motor i have been looking for a stock fan shroud for a 1986 el camino. Both the Upper and the lower. Paypal ready and shipping to 60608. Thanks in advance! LOVE YOU! haha
  5. Transmission & Drive line
    my '79 has a borg warner t5 5 speed and a 10 bolt posi rearend. tell me what you think of these. do you think theyll hold up to a mild 383 stroker?
  6. General BS Topics
    ok new here my name is jeremy and my wife has allways wanted an elcamino. so we bought her one for 500 bucks, 83 with a robust v6, that was locked up! so it sat for about 2 years, and we started workin on it just recently. so far heres what we got just lookin for an estimate of power output? to...
1-6 of 7 Results