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  1. Interior Restoration
    In my 1965 EC, my split bench seat is bolted straight to the floor, and the seats do not fold forward. I've looked under the seat as best as I can, but to no avail. Is this normal? The driver's seat does have an adjustment lever, which hits me right in the back of the leg. I don't mind the...
  2. Interior Restoration
    Any suggestions on the best website to buy replacement vinyl for my 66? Legendary Auto was recommended but they do not have the stock black vinyl for my 66. Any other good recommendations? Looking for exact replacements for stock black vinyl buckets.
  3. Interior Restoration
    So when I got my El Camino it did not have seats. I got some random bucket seats on craigslist and bolted them in so I could drive the car around. I'm not entirely pleased by where the seats are(both are too far from doors. middle of seat not aligned with steering wheel), but cannot just drill...
  4. Interior Restoration
    I have a '73 custom that i bought for son, the exterior is is great shape and newly painted. The inside is a complete restoration. I found a '76 that has all the interior parts I need. WILL THEY FIT? I am looking to use from the '76; - the seats - door panels - dash - a/c control nobs - door...
  5. Interior Restoration
    Saw an add for some bucket seats and the guy me they came out of a 78 El Camino. Can anyone confirm these are stock 5th gen seats? Incase it isn't apparent I have a Bench seat right now that's why I'm not sure what the bucket seats are suppose to look like.
  6. Interior Restoration
    Hello, I am in a bit of dispute with Original Parts Group (https://www.opgi.com/) Over seat covers for my '81 50-50 bench seat (no arm rest). The original covers were 48" and the replacements they sent were only 46 in. And I complained they were not right. The backs were two inches short on both...
  7. Interior Restoration
    Hey guys, back again with restoration questions! I have seats in my '73 that look like they came from a conversion van, and want to replace them with something. Anything really. Found some 1970 Cutlass seats for sale, and I am asking the people who know, would these be a direct bolt in? Also, if...
  8. Interior Restoration
    So i have a pair of 67' chevelle buckets that are in really decent condition (they look fine but they arent the most comfortable), anyways i was looking at the lowback custom buckets w/headrest on OPGI and i was wondering if anyone has these? if so how do you like them? how do they fit in with a...
  9. Interior Restoration
    Greetings my el camino brethren, I am curious of what seating options have you considered or possibly using? I catch myself going to the boneyard alot and asking myself have anyone else thought of this or have already done it. I currently have a factory bench seating in my '86. Comes in handy...
  10. Interior Restoration
    Does anyone know what car i could get good looking bucket seats and a console out of for a 77, i see lots of threads about it but none for 4th gen =[ I like the way this interior looks in this 76 but i don't know what seats and console its from =[
  11. Interior Restoration
    I have just purchased a 1966. This is my first El Camino that I've owned. The interior had been removed by the previous owner. I'm not sure what is supposed go on the wall behind the seats. I have looked for replacement carpet, etc on the internet restoration parts sites and by looking at many...
1-11 of 14 Results