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  1. Parts for sale
    I have complete excellent front and back seams for sale! Have rot problems? Cant find aftermarket 4th gen parts? these are off an original 76 El Camino . easy weld in direct! TXT 713-818-6692 cut to order! I have $350 invested. Shipping is determined by size. Houston. Thanks Tom
  2. Body Restoration
    Has anyone here replaced floor pans in a 64 or 65? Looks like a huge job. Is it doable without removing the body from the frame?
  3. Wanted Items
    I am just getting started guys and hoped I could round up the few little body parts my '66 is missing. Anybody have the inner panels for the tailgate, including the two inspection panels and the "ribbed" dress panel that matches the bed floor? Mine is missing all 3 and I am just about ready to...
  4. Body Restoration
    Hi all, Somebody (everybody?) Knows what I'm talking about here; the smugglers box panel, aka bed access lift panel, aka the never ending headache is not available for 64-66 re-pop ANYWHERE. The one that I have is pitted (a lot)! I sandblasted the rust and then treated it with Piclex rust...
  5. Vendor Deals
    Hey Everyone, We are doing a huge blowout sheet metal sale at www.ss396.com. We have tons of 1964-77 El Camino parts on sale and we are blowing out all of our G-body sheet metal for ridiculous prices. Some of the stuff is 10% over cost. We are just looking to move our leftover stock. :yell...
  6. Body Restoration
    Hello, I'm at the point in my project that I need to buy some metal parts. When I took this project on, I was "wowed" to find out there was a company that sells replacement parts for the rusted out ones; goody! Now I know there are MANY different companies that sell replacement parts. So, my...
1-6 of 7 Results