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  1. 0 Compression on 1967 327 Small Block

    Engine Topics
    I replaced the head gaskets on my El Camino's 327 small block a couple months ag. I've been trying to start it ever since. I know I'm getting fuel as well as spark, but I recently did a compression test and found out I'm getting 0 compression on all cylinders. Before I did the head gaskets I...
  2. Radiator change needed for a 454 into a 77 El Camino?

    Engine Topics
    Hi all, So I've got a near stock 454 (small cam, manifold, Holley 650) from a 77 C10 that I've rebuilt and am slotting into my 77 El Camino, that was stock with a 350, auto, PS and air. On the subject of radiators, what's everyone's opinion on whether the stock one will do it? Is there a...
  3. Engine swap electrical

    Electrical Systems
    So I picked up this 1981 el camino about three months ago. After about a month, the car needed a new carb and distributor so I decided to get rid of the 267 and drop a 307 in that I had sitting around. Over the course of this, I noticed I have about 13 connections and wires dangling over the...
  4. Wommack Chevy Car Show in Castroville

    Region 13 (TX)
    Hey San Antonio and surrounding area members, this Friday is the second Friday of the month and that means its car show time at Wommack Chevrolet in Castroville. 1955 US 90 Castroville, Texas 78009. The dealer clears off all new and used cars for the show, there will probably be between...
  5. Pulling my engine.. What am I getting myself into

    Engine Topics
    Here in the next couple of months I'm going to be pulling my smallblock and 4 speed tranny to make painting the engine bay easier and it needs a new oil pan gasket and rear main seal and the tranny needs a few new seals. What I want to know is what am I getting myself into? I'm not doing a...
  6. 327 engins ? for 86 elky

    Engine Topics
    im building a 1967 327 for my 86 elky and wanna run h-beam rods i found these max lift 6 in rods on summit and im wondering if they will work with my stock crank forged srp pistons http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ESP-6000BST2000/Application/?query=Year%7c1968%7cEngine+Size%7c5.4L%2f327...