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smog pump

  1. Whats That Horrible Noise?! Smog Pump?

    Engine Topics
    bowtie smileThis is my first thread so hopefully it's a good one. Well there is a new issue that needs to be dealt with. My 83 Caballero stalled today and I think it has something to do with the horrible noise coming from something under my alternator. Im certain its not the alternator...
  2. Head scratch 85elco

    Electrical Systems
    Hello everyone yes i know it says Elkly gimmie a break im new.:let_it_all_out: but anyways a little while back i deleted he A.I.R metal lines and removed the belt to the pump itself but i have a smog coming up pretty soon im sure so i went ahead and re-installed those dastardly metal lines and...
  3. Help? Diverter valve for emmisions?

    Engine Topics
    Hey guys I've been looking for a picture or diagram of the emissions on an 1986 V6 El Camino. I need a picture because someone took of the "diverter valve" <- not sure if correct name, and i don't know where the heck it is supposed to be mounted! So i basically need to know where the "diverter...