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  1. need diagram for air diverter vale

    Electrical Systems
    I got an 85 el Camino need a diagram for it if they have one .....
  2. No Smog pump needed... right?

    Engine Topics
    Hey guys! I've just finished tapping into the diagnosis connector and came out having a code 44. I've check on here about what it can cause it, one of my questions is, my car does not have the smog pump on it. I was told by a friend that it doesn't really need it since we aren't in California...
  3. ECM Programing

    Engine Topics
    I have a 1984 El Camino that someone prior to me swapped the engine from 305 cu in to a Jegs 355 cu in/375 hp bolted to a Turbo 350 Trans. I need to pass Cal/Smog. The wiring has been restored to original, both under the hood and dash (some tweeker had added all kinds of ??????). It has stock...
  4. Computer swap/chip upgrade

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    I have a question pertaining to "The Control Computer", the one I have is stock, the engine is a Jeg's 350/400+ HP. I have restored all the wiring to stock (both under the hood and dash), I drove the Elky to its current location and it ran like cr*p. The interior is not yet reinstalled and I am...
  5. EFE purpose

    Engine Topics
    My 84 Elky 350/400+ w/350TH & headers there is no EFE. What purpose does the valve serve other than heating the headers faster at warmup. I need to smog this vehicle and I have replumbed the rest of the components to original configuration. I was thinking of running a plugged vacuum line to the...
  6. sometimes you have to wonder what goes through a persons head..

    General BS Topics
    pointless rant warning, I have a friend who i have known for years, I know he trusts me and im the closest thing to a mechanic that he knows personally. His car needed to be smogged (annoying CA smog check) and i told him multiple times, even focused on making a point of how important it was to...
  7. '84 engine/trans swap, a little help please

    Engine Topics
    I have a 1984 that had the 231 Buick V6 with the Th200 3 speed. It has 270k miles and I am looking to swap the motor and trans. I live in CA and must meet smog requirements. Spoke with the Smog Ref and he told me what I needed to be smog legal, long story short, I pulled a 1991 GM 5.7l and...
  8. Help!!! 305 carb to 305 tpi!!!

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    Hello E.C.C., Okay, I have an '82 Elco I just purchased about a month n a half ago, the guy who had it before me spent over 2k in the motor in machining and valvetrain work and bought a NEW 700r4 trans... He tried to make a racecar (epic fail) and all I want is a medium-range HP...
  9. 68 CARB problem

    Engine Topics
    My 68 wont pass NV smog.. At low idle it's fine, at high idle CO2 is over 11.0 and should be under 4? They are telling me to replace my carburetor, but the car runs fine..? What to do, what to do...ecchhh...:dontknow: