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smugglers box

  1. 4th gen Smugglers Box Sealing

    Body Restoration
    Got a 1977 El Camino recently as some of you might have seen. Yesterday we had a big rain and I noticed the rear floor pans were wet. I have yet to unbolt the outside panel in the bed to get to the smugglers box, but I would bet that's where it is coming from. Does anyone have any ideas on...
  2. '65 El Camino Smugglers Box Panel (also called a bed access lift panel)

    Body Restoration
    Hi all, Somebody (everybody?) Knows what I'm talking about here; the smugglers box panel, aka bed access lift panel, aka the never ending headache is not available for 64-66 re-pop ANYWHERE. The one that I have is pitted (a lot)! I sandblasted the rust and then treated it with Piclex rust...
  3. Mid body mount rust repair/smugglers box

    Body Restoration
    I was going to install my new carpet today, most of the interior was already removed from when the body work was done. I go to removed the carpet out of the smugglers box, and I see two rust holes on both sides about midway through the smugglers box, about the size of a baseball. Both of the...
  4. Should my sub go behind my seat or smugglers?

    I currently have 2 10" (about 400rms together) subs in boxes in the smugglers box of my 79'. It rattles my bed like crazy. I have a few ideas about what i want to do next with my subs. im going to get a single 12" that puts out about 600rms and 1200 peak. I either: 1. want to put the new sub in...