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  1. Electrical Systems
    I removed my AC compressor, and found these two wires just hangng around I'm wondering should they be connected, if so where? What do they do? Wire 1 Its green and connects to the fuse box, I checked my manual, but I'm still unclear of what to do with it. Wire 2 part of it goes to the...
  2. Electrical Systems
    My intention is to install a Ford solenoid on 85 EC with the fusible links being moved to the Ford solenoid (battery side) and the starter side of solenoid being wired for the starter with 1/0 cable and a 10 gauge wire to the solenoid atop the starter (the "GM Starter"). My question is where...
  3. Wanted Items
    I am looking for an EGR solenoid and electrical connector for my 1985 El Camino with a 5.0L motor. You can reach me at [email protected] My zip is 07079. Thanks for the help. Pete
  4. Electrical Systems
    Re posting - I think I put this in the wrong forum this morning. --------- So...when I bought my Elky a month ago it had a starting issue that we thought was due to the Neutral Safety Switch. After futzing around with that I realized it was the ignition switch and seemed to fix the problem...
1-4 of 5 Results