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  1. Electrical Systems
    Trying to run some speaker wire in my dash to the radio plate having trouble running it through any words of wisdom on the best way to do it? :neutral2:
  2. Audio
    I don't know much about radios other than listening to them. I have a restored 66 that has the original am radio but not installed. Would like to update the radio and heard good things about the Retrosound radio as I want it to fit the original hole with a modern radio. What I don't have a clue...
  3. Interior Restoration
    will be installing it in about a month :beer: ... no! not procrastinating. Just a lot going on at the moment like a vacation and as soon as we get back the body shop is getting it to do the bodywork and paint. They said it'll take a week to finish :nanawrench: The BIG thing I need to figure...
  4. Audio
    i thinking about upgrading my audo system im 70 and i was wondering if anybody made a good sound bar that would fit below the rear shelf behind the seats also my budy has a musting with a stero that has a front plate that looks like the stock radio but behind it their is a modren cd player dose...
  5. Audio
    Hey fans, I want to install a sound system and I was looking at the brand KICKER. I was going to get 3.5" dash speakers, two 6x9 speakers behind the seat, a 10" sub in the smuggle box. (<---idk if that's what it's called...I'm new here), and I'm not too sure about what kind of amp I want to get...
  6. Audio
    Where would be the best place to mount rear 6X9 speakers and still have good entrance to the smuggles box.
  7. Audio
    I got a 1985 el camino not to long ago and was wondering about the speaker size I know the dash is 3.5" I was wondering if 4" would fit because I'm wanting to but speakers of this brand. http://www.bossaudio.com/main/1306 I was also wanting to get his stereo and this sub woofer...
1-7 of 7 Results