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  1. 70-72 Sweep Style Gauge Cluster

    Wanted Items
    Needing a sweep style cluster for my 70 El Camino. Mine is not illuminating. If you have one or know of somewhere I might find one, info would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Speedometer Cable Transmission Thingy

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hello All. It has been a while but I am getting ready to get back after working on the Elky. One project I wanted to start on is getting a transmission fluid leak fixed. I am having a heck of a time finding it. I believe it may be called the speedometer gear housing but not sure because...
  3. speedo doesnt work

    Transmission & Drive line
    i have an 83 camino with the stock gauges and a th350 trans in it, my speedo doesnt work at all, anyone know what the problem may be and how to fix it
  4. speedometer and cruise control

    Electrical Systems
    can anyone explain to me where to find the cables for the speedometer and cruisecontrol and where they connect to ? I believe they start near the firewall on the drivers side by the windshield washers and go to the rear differential but i cant figure it out from diagrams. if somone could post a...
  5. Replacement Electronic Speedometer (in dash)?

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    I was wondering if anyone has found an aftermarket electronic speedometer that can be made to fit in the factory cable speedometer's position? I have searched the sight but there are so many discussions on speedometers ans Cable-X etc. I was just wondering if there was an electric speedo out...
  6. Need Help or Photos - Trying to fix speedo on my '66 (2nd Gen) Camino

    Transmission & Drive line
    I just bought a beautifully restored 1966 El Camino. Just about everything works except for the speedometer. I searched the threads, but can't find any pictures or diagrams of where the cable runs for this generation, but future gens sound like they run from the back of the trans to the...
  7. 1984 Speedometer

    Wanted Items
    I'm looking for a speedometer from a 1984 (or other compatible car). Either that, or a way to fix the broken needle. I took mine to the local speedometer shop, and he didn't have replacement needles, nor could he find anyone selling them. It would be nice to finally have a working one. The 0-145...
  8. 83 SS Speedo Cable

    Interior Restoration
    My cruise control "controller" is gone and the speedo cable from the back of the cluster is just hangin out under the hood, with this said can I just get a cable for same year that didn't have cruise? If so they have 1 w/o cruise & w/o adapter or w/o cruise & w/ adapter. Which one would I need...
  9. Speedo cable?

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hello everyone. I've been pulled over three times in the past few months, thankfully I have not had any points against my record, but every time I get pulled over the officer tells me that I am going ten miles an hour faster than my speedometer tells me that I'm going. now here's the question...
  10. Speedometer swap

    Electrical Systems
    I got a 86 elky that bought from some guy who was in the middle of restoring it. It had a set of metric guages in it when he got it so he took them out and stuck a set in it out of a monte carlo. I want to get the speedometer calibrated so I actually know how fast I'm going but I don't really...