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  1. Tire/Rim Rub on Control Arm

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey everyone, Im running into a problem with wheel and tire fitment on a 1982 El Camino previously with a v6 and currently swapping it for a Chevy 350. Currently the car has 14" rims with 3.5" backspacing (not sure on width but definitly on the smaller side) and 215 series width tires. The...
  2. F-body spindles on 78-87 G-body?

    Suspension & Steering
    I've seen in posts somewhere that someone used F-body spindles on a G-body to improve the geometry of the upper control arms. But I can't find any details. Basically all I've been able to find is a couple different people saying they used F-body spindles and a few other post arguing about if the...