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  1. Engine Topics
    So, this is a problem I have been experiencing for too long, to the point that I limit my El Camino driving to one way trips to work and back, without any side stops. Here are the symptoms: She will start immediately on the coldest or hottest day and get me to work just fine. After an 8-hour...
  2. Engine Topics
    I have an '86 El Camino that I received from my grandpa as a gift, but have had to fix a couple of things on it. I put anew starter in and a new battery, and it was running great until a few days ago I started it and it died instantly. I started it again and gave it some gas, and once again it...
  3. Performance Modifications
    I just bought a stock 66 (396 4spd)and have been thinking about switching to electronic ignition. It would hide in the existing distributor. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this ? There are no problems with the car, starts right up every time and runs smooth (purrs like a lion)-...
1-3 of 3 Results