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  1. Steering wheel questions on my 85

    Interior Restoration
    The original steering wheel on my 85 is well worn and sticky like lots of others. I spent a lot of time cleaning it and thought I might as well try painting it with Rustoleum vinyl paint and adhesion promotor. Looks great as a nice black wheel except now it is a nice black sticky wheel. Some...
  2. GT Performance Steering Wheels

    Vendors Forum
    Whether you are looking for a retro wood wheel for your classic muscle car or a modern leather wrapped wheel for your pro-touring machine, Ground Up has you covered with our new line of GT Performance steering wheels! Classic style, high quality, and an affordable price that you can really...
  3. Steering wheel

    Wanted Items
    Hi, guys. I'm looking for a maroon steering wheel horn pad with the emblem cap in good condition. If any of you have one or know where to get one, I'd be great full if you'd let me know. Thanks.
  4. 5th Gen. Horn Pad

    Electrical Systems
    Hello, I have an '85 Conquista that the previous owner scavenged a few parts off of. One of the parts removed seems to be the horn connnector. I pulled the steering wheel horn cover off, which looks like this: Only it is missing the horn wire on the back (seen in the similar cover below)...
  5. Steering wheel sap, or sabotage?...

    Interior Restoration
    I was working on my gauge cluster yesterday, and got some sort of oily sludge all over my hands after touching the steering column. Upon further inspection, I noticed this dark-colored crud was all over the back of the steering wheel and on the column. What I'm wondering is: Is this some kind of...
  6. Steering wheel Swap???

    Interior Restoration
    Does anyone have any info on which GM steering wheels will swap into my 85 Conquista (G body)...I am looking for one with a smaller diameter but want to keep the GM/Chevy look if possible. Will any of the Blazer/S10 truck wheels swap directly into this body style?