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  1. Suspension & Steering
    Hallo y'all. I'd really like to tighten up the steering on my 65. Right now it has about 4" of play and it just feels really sloppy. What should I be looking at to improve this? Sway bars? Steering box? I'm ust not sure what to deal with first. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  2. Suspension & Steering
    Good morning! I have a 64 El Camino, and I am looking at kits to upgrade to power steering. I checked the engine casting numbers and it looks to be a 350 that was manufactured between '69 and '80. Any ideas on what kit would work? I am not sure to look for 64 El Camino compatible, or if I...
  3. Region 17 (NV)
    Good morning, I have had my car in the shop now for about a month, the car is now running but is not driveable because apparently my steering shaft is broken and I need to replace it, how often if at all does this happen? I have not moved the car in 5 years previous to it being in the shop, so...
  4. Suspension & Steering
    Hey guys, turns out that slowcamino has no PSF in her reservoir (apparently the dipstick is stained. :( ) Most folks seem to be under the impression that any PSF will do, and I'm inclined to agree. Is there anything specific I gotta get or gotta avoid when grabbing PSF? also, power steering...
  5. Suspension & Steering
    So I finally got to the point in my rebuild/mod where I was able to drive my 81 around the block a few times. I have owned the cruck for 6 months and this is this first time I have driven it. :nanawrench: I really doubt if this cruck has been on the road for more than 10 years. It felt really...
  6. Suspension & Steering
    So on my dream machine list, a fully redone suspension is already present. What isn't present is a way to improve the actual steering of the car. My elky has some definite slop in the steering wheel. What can I do to eliminate the slop and improve the actual steering of the vehicle (excluding...
  7. Suspension & Steering
    Symptoms: Doesn't help when idle at all, but when you rev up the engine it starts to help. Of course when in motion its quite easy, but at low speeds not so much. What I have done: I have tried changing the fluids in my PS and that didn't help at all. I noticed that when you turn steering to...
  8. Wanted Items
    Looking for P/S pumpbrackets and pulley set for '65 230. Parts off a 194, 230 and non-integrated head 250 will work. Let me know if you haveor know where. Thanx:beer:
  9. Suspension & Steering
    Looking for 65 hood emblem "T" only. Anyone have one to sell?
  10. Suspension & Steering
    I've had this problem with my power steering. I recently replaced the belt but it refuses to stop squeaking when I turn the wheel (stationary). The wheel is hard to turn, and I figured this may be the pump itself. However, today while turning the wheel I noticed the front of the car lifted up a...
  11. Engine Topics
    Hi, I've recently become the owner of a 1986 el camino that needs some tlc. First and foremost is the typical loose as hell tilt column. I have read the article about tightening the 4 bolts in the column but unfortunately for me no one will touch it with a 10 foot poll. I had one guy start to...
1-12 of 12 Results