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  1. 86 with Sport Decor Package

    86 with Sport Decor Package

    I bought this Truck in 2000 from a older guy here in Virginia that used a walker, and between him and his wife had 6 vehicles with the El Camino being the oldest. He wanted $3000 for the truck, and it was in..., "OK" condition. I had $1500 in my savings, and that's all I had to purchase it...
  2. 5th gen bucket seats?

    Interior Restoration
    Saw an add for some bucket seats and the guy me they came out of a 78 El Camino. Can anyone confirm these are stock 5th gen seats? Incase it isn't apparent I have a Bench seat right now that's why I'm not sure what the bucket seats are suppose to look like.
  3. Restoration: OEM and After Market Suppliers

    Body Restoration
    Good day, Looking for good sources of OEM and/or aftermarket suppliers for restoration projects. Right now I want to rebuild the doors in an '85 Conquista. I've doen business with Original Parts Group in years past but they seemed to have changed. Summit doesn't have much stock/original...
  4. True dual gbody exhaust with stock crossmember?

    Engine Topics
    Can I run true dual exhaust on my 79 El Camino with the stock transmission crossmember? I really don't want to spend 200+ on the double hump crossmember. I plan on doing true dual from the manifolds, 2 1/4" pipe, no cats, and flowmaster super 10s or cherry bomb extreme mufflers. Just for...
  5. Replacing Cracked Front End

    Body Restoration
    My stepdad and I decided to make his stepdad's old 1978 El Camino our project car. We've had it sitting in a corner of our property for about 10 years now, so we've got alot of work to be done. There's quite alot of damage on the front end, aside from the bumper, and we're looking to get it...
  6. Tips for '84 El Camino Conquista

    Tips & Tricks
    Hey all, I was recently given a stock, two-tone grey 1984 V8 El Camino Conquista. I was wondering if you have any tips on what I should do with it, now that I'm done high school. Should I keep it all stock, modify it, etc... Any ideas? More pictures...